Monday, 6 September 2010

Sanyo ECJ-FS50UK Petit Gourmet Multi Function Slow Cooker

Sanyo ECJ-FS50UK Petit Gourmet Multi Function Slow Cooker

A techie toy slow cooker!
Sanyo ECJ-FS50UK Petit Gourmet Multi Function Slow Cooker

* Titanium-coated extra thick (4mm) inner pot with 5 cup capacity
* LCD Clock and 24-hour preset timer
* Multi-menu selection
* Simple menu buttons
* Low power consumption of 650W/27W (at keep warm)

Technical Details

Approx. 0.95m Cord Length
Unit Dimensions W25 x H30 x D21.5 cm
Weight 3.4kg

SANYO' founder, the late Toshio Iue, gave the company its name. "SANYO" means "three oceans" -specifically, the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans: in other words, the entire world. Our founder had the earnest ambition to conduct business throughout the world, maximizing the company's three core assets: excellent human resources, superior technologies and first-class service. Thus the company name also implies its business territory and policy.

SANYO Europe Ltd. is a fully incorporated subsidiary of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. Based outside of London in the U.K. it is the Group’s European headquarters for sales and marketing of a wide range of products including digital projectors, digital still and movie cameras, air conditioning, solar energy equipment, batteries and biomedical equipment.

Based on our brand vision of “Think GAIA,” SANYO is aiming to become a leading provider of Environment- and Energy-related products and a company that delights Life and the Earth.

About the ECJ-FS50UK
For those who want healthy meals quickly and simply, the multi-function cooker provides an easy way to create fantastic and delicious dishes - just add the ingredients and press the start button - for meals in minutes that takes the stress out of cooking.

You can make many dishes with our recipe cards from Soups and Omlettes to Bolognese, Paella and Roast Chicken to Rice Pudding, Meringues, Lemon Mousse and Yoghurt or be inventive and create your own!

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