Friday, 7 May 2010

New Recipes for Your Slo-cooker

New Recipes for Your Slo-cooker (Paperback)
New Recipes for Your Slo-cooker

Book Description
Slo-cookers are coming back into fashion. This book will get new users up to speed on how to turn a good idea into an invaluable necessity. It will also introduce excellent new recipes to those who have already experienced the benefits of using a slo-cooker.

Annette Yates has the know-how to take the mystery out of making the most of this kitchen wizard. She shows you how to set it to work and forget about it - until you're greeted by those sensational welcome home smells as you walk through the door at the end of the day.
From the Back Cover
Making the most of your slo-cooker.

If you're a slo-cooking fan looking for fresh ways to get more from one of the greatest assets in your kitchen, you'll love this book.

And if you've never cooked with a slo-cooker before, then here you'll discover just what you've been missing and you'll stimulate your appetite for a whole new culinary lifestyle.

Slo-cookers have never gone out of style. But with most of us now having minutes rather than hours to spend in the kitchen, there's a major surge in sales. Here you'll find everything you need to know about cooking exceptionally good meals for you.

Just set it to work and forget it - day or night. Dinner will be ready when you are, whenever you get home. And if you're looking for something a little faster, your slo-cooker can turn up the heat without getting all steamed up about it.

Annette Yates has taken classic cookbook to new heights, with great recipes - old and new - delivering everything from sublime gourmet breakfasts to favourite family meals and taste-tempting desserts.

Be demanding with your slo-cooker - it can deliver!

Just a few ideas to tempt your taste buds:
Stuffed Plaice with Orange; Braised Danish Bacon; Hot Spare Ribs; Greek Mushrooms; Creme Caramel; Pears Beaujolais; Ginger Rhubarb.

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